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Dirt Bike Loading System

Dirt Bike Loading System


RevArc Dirt Bike Loading System
The easiest and safest way to load a dirt bike is to use the RevArc Smart Steps with the RevArc MX Ramp; we call if the RevArc Dirt Bike Loading System. The steps and ramp self-adjust to the height of your tailgate. Stop straining your back. Stop balancing your bike with one hand while you crawl like a reptile onto the tailgate. Stop riding with your annoying cousin just because he helps you load. Simply push your bike up the ramp while you walk up four sturdy steps. You’re done.
RevArc MX Ramp
- 16 lbs of TIG Welded Aluminum
- Works with all factory dirt bike under 500lbs
- 96.5”L x 12”W, folds to only 49”L for easy storage
- Length + Arch = Less Work to Load
- Retail Price: $109.99
RevArc Smart Steps
- 31 lbs of Powder-Coated Steel
- 4 Large Steps are 10”L x 6”W, weight capacity up to 300lbs
- Mounts in receiver hitch and folds for transportation with tailgate up or down
- Perfect for lifted trucks, or smart riders who’d rather take risks on the trail than the parking lot
- Retail Price: $139.99