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Sled Ramp: Riser (works with any model year sled ramp)

Sled Ramp: Riser (works with any model year sled ramp)


Does your sled hang over your tailgate when you're loaded?

If so, you need the RevArc Sled Riser. This lightweight aluminum accessory gives you four amazing benefits:

1 - Picks your sled up off the top of the ramp after loading. This makes removing the sled ramp once loaded and inserting the sled ramp to unload quick and easy.

2 - Prevents your track from freezing to your truck bed while transporting it to your favorite riding area.

3 - Provides sure traction for unloading, even if the rest of your truck bed is full of snow and ice.

4 - Moves 40-60% of the weight from your tailgate to the truckbed.

It's easy to use. Lower your tailgate and place your riser where the center section of your sled ramp will rest. Then, securely ratchet your sled ramp to your truck. Once loaded, simply remove your sled ramp, secure your sled and your sled's track will ride safely atop the riser.

Another innovation from Bosski that takes the work and the hassle out of loading and unloading. This leaves you more time to ride!

The Sled Riser is made of the same strong aluminum alloy as our Sled Ramp.

It weighs merely 7 lbs, but it saves you from lifting 500 lbs or more of snowmobile. The dimensions are approximately 30"L X 16"W.

Who would have thought something so simple could be so useful?